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Made in USA / Made in California

Do you trust where your diapers come from?

We live in Southern California, and we love supporting our local economy by manufacturing cloth diapers here. There are far too few baby products made in California or made in the USA in general. It’s important to us to have cloth diapers made in the USA.

Overseeing the production of Little Owl Diapers lets us feel good about:

  • Fair Wages. The workers who cut fabric, sew seams, and place snaps are all paid fair wages. We respect their skill in what they do, and we are grateful they are willing to share those skills with Little Owl.
  • Safe Conditions. The workers who make Little Owl Diapers work in safe conditions. We visit the facilities so we know we can feel good about the production space.
  • Safe Materials. We know you want only safe materials for your baby. We’re parents, too. We share your concerns. Because we are comfortable with our whole production chain, unknown materials are kept out of the loop. We keep the process and the materials safe by keeping it close.

Parents! Especially if you are in California, ask for Little Owl Cloth Diapers at your local parenting store. A lot of stores want to provide their customers with locally made products.

What’s so wise about Little Owl? Style + Security + Peace of Mind