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Cloth diapering can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why Little Owl is here to make it as easy as possible!

What you need:

  • Diapers
  • Wet bag to store the dirty diapers in
  • Laundry detergent

and of course a baby

Soaker and Shell size by weight:

One Size Shell:

*One Size Shell: Use the same shell from infant to potty training. One size fits all. Simply select the correct sized soaker.

Daily Recommendations

Do you plan on diapering full or part time? We recommend 4 soakers per1 shell.

Full Time Diapering:

Part Time Diapering:

Little Owl is easy to use:

Secure the soaker into the shell using the 3 snaps, this will keep the soaker from bunching and shifting between baby legs. Cloth diapers are as easy to use as a disposable, wrap it around your baby’s bottom and snap it on snuggly. Use all 3 snaps on the tab to prevent wing droop. Place dirty soaker in a diaper pail or wet bag and reuse the outer shell.

Two ways to prepare for your next diaper change:

1) Snap a new soaker into the shell you are using


2) Rotate between two or more different shells per day. Snap a new soaker into a shell and have it ready for the next diaper change. You always have a fresh diaper ready to go.

*When your out and about take along a small wet bag to store your dirties until you get home.


We recommend washing every other day. Make sure you have enough diapers to get you through two days. Check out Caring for Your Little Owl Cloth Diapers for washing instructions.

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