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Cloth Diaper Geek

December 3, 2015:

"This diaper is definitely one that I chose when I knew my children were going to nap, as I knew it would hold up for the duration of their nap. With the snug fit, it also held in poopoos very well, which is very important to me and to other cloth diapering moms I am sure."


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Cloth Diaper Geek

little owl baby diapers

Change-Diapers.com, Kids & Cloth Diapers & Going GreenKids and Cloth Diapers and Going Green

Sept. 15, 2015:

"Katie loved the PUL backed soakers and found that they kept the shell dry even when he soaked them (like right after nursing). The elasticized edge kept messes in and she was able to use it without a booster for normal wear and short naps. For long naps and errands she adds a booster and still gets a nice trim fit with slight snap adjustment.

Little Owl Diapers are made in the USA and are an easy to use system and excellent value."

~Maria Moser

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Modern Cloth Momma

July 3, 2014:
"I cannot say enough good things about these diapers! They are easy to use, wash wonderfully, pack in the diaper bag well, and the fit is great! We have been using the same shells and soakers for a year now. The quality is fantastic! I'll be sad when they no longer fit."

~Christie Dickson

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Modern Cloth Momma