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How to prevent diaper leaks?

You might find your diaper leaking in two ways:

  1. not absorbent enough, or
  2. wicking moisture from diaper out to clothing or bedding.

We designed Little Owl all-in-two cloth diapers to address both issues.

To prevent leaking diapers, make sure you add more absorbency. The booster in a Little Owl cloth diaper is only there to add absorbency. They are diaper doublers made to fit into this soaker.

The soaker has absorbent layers next to your baby and a waterproof layer against the shell. Plus, even the gussets are waterproof. We learned how to make the best leak-proof diapers by testing and testing what worked with our own children. Just using the soaker in the shell is usually absorbent enough for most diaper changes---until you get super soaker toddlers or you need your most absorbent cloth diaper for nighttime, naptime, or a long car trip. Add another booster when you need it.

To prevent wicking, we added a protective panel at the ends of the soaker so there is no way the diaper will leak or wick even if it sticks out of the shell (which it shouldn't if it's snapped in place with the 3 snaps).

If you add enough absorbency, Little Owl AI2 are leak-proof diapers.