Style + Security + Peace of Mind = Little Owl Cloth Diapers

Style….The little Owl ShellOn the outside, you use a cute, trim, super soft fleece lined waterproof diaper “cover” or “shell” to hold in the absorbent layers of the cloth diaper.

Security….The Little Owl Soaker… On the inside, this innovative design is extra secure with waterproof gussets, three snaps to prevent bunching and shifting between baby legs and an outer layer of PUL. This means the shell stays cleaner longer and your hands stay clean too! When the baby messes, simply unsnap the soaker from the shell and snap in a new one, reusing the outer diaper shell..So simple!!

Peace of Mind….The Little Owl Booster…..For heavy wetters, nighttime, traveling or just because you need extra absorbency without extra bulk, add a booster to customize the diaper absorbency for your baby.

Ready to Shop! It all starts with the stylish SHELL.